make art.


Twenty something year old guy with a camera hanging around the neck.

I live life for all its worth.




When he was 18, Andy won The 2009 Congressional Art Contest: An Artistic Discovery; but instead of pursuing his art, he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force as a Firefighter.


Before he left for Basic Military Training, he worked as a Caricature Artist at Six Flags New England for a few summers – where he refined his artistic craft and learned not to take life too seriously. In the blistering heat of an amusement park, Andy realized how important artistic expression is – and he made some lifelong friends, too.


But as it always goes, life distracted him from his passion; he attended the Lewis F. Garland Fire Academy in San Angelo, Texas, and put his art on the shelf for a while. Over the next few years, Andy worked as an EMT and earned an Associates Degree in Fire Science and Technology.


During a deployment to the sweltering heat of the Middle East with the Air Force, Andy was bitten by the travel bug and smitten with the allure of adventure. While he was there he fell into a deep state of depression and rediscovered his love for art on the dirty floor of jerry-rigged fire station; in a way, art saved him.


A 2016 Graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a degree in English, Andy's an adventurous soul. He's been around the world and back again; and currently resides in pretty little Northampton, Massachusetts.


In his free time, he plays music, writes poetry, gallivants around the world, climbs mountains and runs through the pouring rain.


I attempt to capture life as it is. I am a documentor of life.